Activities, but different

Kiozk only shows activities which take place now (or in the foreseeable future) at your current location. This means you don’t need to search for activities anymore, instead just scroll through the list and browse for something fun or interesting to do.

Currently we’re only available in the Dutch city of Groningen, but this spring we’ll expand to Amsterdam.


Music, sports, entertainment and more

There’s always something to do

It’s extremely easy to scroll to the future and browse through hundreds of activities in many categories. What to think of sports, entertainment, nightlife, lectures and big events. Only activities at your location will be visible. The activities at the top of te list start now, the more you scroll down the more activities you see. Want to check out Easter, summer or Christmas of next year? No problem, just scroll down the feed and you’ll see everything.

Visible when it matters

More last-minute visitors

Kiozk only shows activities which are happening right now (or in the foreseeable future) at the users current location. Users only see activities relevant to him or her. As a result there’s almost no barrier to actually visit the activity. All people who actually see the organizations activity in Kiozk are potential visitors, thus people the organization want to reach.


All the information you need

Including click-to-buy

When you click on any activity in the feed, more information (like the location, costs, et cetera) pops up. You can also add the activity to your own Kiozk-account. Is the activity paid? In that case you’ll buy a ticket using iDeal, PayPal or Kiozk Credit (there are no transaction fees). A free activity is and always will be free… obviously.

The ‘Kiozk e-ticket’

For paid and free activities

It doesn’t matter if an activity is paid or free. In both cases you receive a Kiozk e-ticket. Tickets of free activities present all the info you need, like the location. Tickets of paid activities include a unique code which you need to get access to the activity.

In addition, add any paid or free activity to your iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook using our calendar option. And, if you like, we’ll send an e-mail reminder as well.


How it works

In 30 seconds


Desktop, laptop, tablet and phone

Kiozk is free and can be accessed on any device

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