People read a lot less books these days, nonetheless most people still have a bookcase in their living room. For some reason they continue to love the ambiance of books in a bookcase, but its function changed to being decoration only. We wanted to change this with the ChairCase, which is not just a bookcase but also a chair. The ChairCase makes it easier and more fun to grab a book and discover books again.

The ChairCase is designed by me and Benjamin Feenstra. Previously we collaborated on projects like the On Demand Experience, which received an honorable mention in the American eVolo Skyscraper Competition.

The ChairCase idea is simple; There is no need to grab a book and walk to the couch in the living room. Instead, simply grab a book ánd a chair off a shelve. Happy reading!


The bookcase is made of light-colored hardwood. The chair clearly stands out, as it is made of a lightweight, flexible and strong red-coated composite material. With the ChairCase it is easier and more fun to sit down next to your books and (re-)discover what is in your collection. A bookcase is not merely decoration anymore. The ChairCase makes it functional again.

Grab a book

Grab a chair

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