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The inevitable part…

Yes. This part is the most personal part of my website and it’s 100% about me. I am Jelmer Frank Wijnia, but I guess you’ve already noticed my name while typing it in your browser. Anyway, there are some things about me you probably don’t know yet. Besides the fact that I have a lovely girlfriend, live in the Netherlands there’s more (warning: this is the ‘me’ part). Well, here we go…

I like to see the world and be around friends and family. I am a creative , venturous and pro-active person. When I take in my surroundings, I always try to envision improvements. Whether it is about the design of a product carton or a website I visit, I start drawing my ideas immediately. The result is a desk littered with drawings and sketches and eventually a new design. Designing and drawing is something I do with contagious enthusiasm (as I have been told). But in return I like to be around people that can inspire and enthusiast me as well. Along with others, I like to create concepts and try to take them to the next level.

The drive to innovate, invent and eventually create design, led to the decision to choose architecture as a major. What is more cool than to design something that could last for many years? During my major and shortly after I worked with great architects on many projects and competed in several (design) competitions. The highlight of this was an honourable mention at the eVolo Skyscraper competition with the project ‘the on demand experience’. At that time I also founded my first company, along with a friend. Subsequently, we started Kiozk.

This eventful period taught me a lot. Years later, I finally know what’s  truly important to me and what’s not. Therefore I am happy to say, that I’ll continue my adventure at a new company starting September 2016.

To be continued…

Have an awesome day,


Jelmer Frank Wijnia

I am Jelmer Frank Wijnia,
Designer, focused on
Architecture & Visual design.

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Say hi@jelmerfrank.com if you want to learn more or discuss future plans.


As a fourth year undergraduate I worked on a design of Rietveld Architects New York. Starting point of the assignment was the preliminary design of this 100 meters tall skyscraper. We designed the entire building in 3D using Building Information Modeling (BIM).


715 teams from all five continents and 95 different countries participated in the 2011 eVolo Skyscraper Competition. This entry, the On Demand Experience, was awarded an Honorable Mention.


This is my entry for the competition ‘Engelermeer’, which is located in s’ Hertogenbosch. The whole project will follow soon, please stay tuned.


Together with two friends, I co-founded Kiozk. It’s a simple company, with a simple goal – make activities visible when they’re relevant. Working at Kiozk is a real adventure. Everything was built from zero.


People read a lot less books these days, nonetheless most people still have a bookcase in their living room. For some reason they continue to love the ambiance of books in a bookcase, but its function changed to being decoration only. The ChairCase makes it easier and more fun to grab a book and discover books again.


A new capital should be a product of its time, but offer flexibility towards the future. Politics should be available to all people, whenever they want and wherever they are. Just like any other modern service (or product). The US Capitol represents the first time people got in power, “We the people”. This is my opinion about the new capitol of Australia.


During my studies I co-founded B&J Designstudio. With B&J we produced 2D and 3D floor plans for realtors, building developers and housing associations. One of the most interesting projects was also published on national television. I continued this company on my own and changed B&J design studio into The Floor plan Factory, including the new corporate identity.


Description will follow soon.

Thank you

very much

for reading.